Market Leader in Pharmaceutical SFA

We are Hungary’s number one supplier of custom SFA solutions for pharmaceutical companies. Our custom developed sales process mobilization platform, Scriptor is our flagship product through which we have strong presence in the CEE region with 38 contracted companies and 49 fully operational systems across 5 countries.

Expertise & Flexibility

Our proficiency is backed up by a solid experience of 15 years in the mobile SFA market. Our small and steady team of analysts and developers along with our rigorous product development and testing processes allow us to stay focused on our clients’ needs and remain flexible at all costs to keep up with their evolving requirements.

Continuous Customer Care

We contribute to delivering outstanding client performance for a total number of 4.000+ active users across the region. Our customer service is not restricted to resolving issues; you will be allocated your own analyst team that will assist you through development by mapping and documenting your entire sales process while sharing cross-customer best practices as well as multi-tiered customer service in your local language provided by an attentive support team that is ready to work with your users on a daily basis.